Friday, April 13, 2012


This is the story of the traveling pants. In November I ordered a pair of pants from Ann Taylor to be shipped to me. Having still not received the pants in January, I contacted the store and spent over an hour on the phone. They explained that the pants went from Kansas to my apartment in Athens, GA, but the store had forgotten to add my unit number, so UPS made an executive decision to send them to a second address they had on file for me in Knoxville, TN. Next, I contacted UPS where I was told from Knoxville they were shipped back to the store—the store never received them. Where the hiccup happened was when UPS sent them to the wrong Nash home in Knoxville. The house they arrived at was being what happens next? The renters sent the pants to the Nash's new home...IN ATHENS, GA! That's right: after 5 months of traveling around the southeast, my pants were hand delivered to me by Mrs. Nash! Now let's see if they fit...

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  1. Yea!! This story has the happiest of endings! Especially now that I can stop nagging about tracking them down!