Tuesday, August 14, 2012


The Nash family had our first-ever family reunion this past weekend at the beach! I have never had a real reunion on either side of my family and really didn't know what to expect. Out of the 22 people who came, I only knew about half--and there were 9 of us "kids" ages 20-27. It was really interesting putting us all in one condo and getting to know each other through sharing beds and late night games! I can't wait for the next family reunion...

Friday, August 3, 2012


When did we grow up? I can hardly believe my baby brother turned 20 last weekend. Somehow that age seems eons older than I even am. No way am I one of those big kids who can drive, let alone a college girl... Oh wait! I'm graduated, living in the city by myself with a full time job, a 401k and life insurance policy. WHEN DID ALL THAT HAPPEN?? When did I grow up?


Networking- isn't that a great work? It can just mean so many things, like a BBQ night at Sweetwater Brewery! Marketing and PR people know how to work (it). This picture is with a few of the girls I work with at the photo booth.


Well, the ATL definitely welcomed me to the city. A casual dinner at a restaurant .5miles from my office and 1 mile from my apartment ended with my car window being smashed in and my work bag being stollen. Contents taken: beautiful bag, 2 MacBook Pro computers (work and personal), iPod and my new notebooks full of my fry few weeks of training. Basically my life- I was devastated. What is almost a worse crime than the break-in was the hour and 46 minutes it took a police officer I show up. Normally I wouldn't complain because I'd hope they were tending to more immediate situations, but it was midnight in downtown Atlanta and I was in a parking lot by myself. I called 911 three times asking for someone to come soon due to the sketchy characters driving, parking and walking through the lot where I stood. I was mentally freaking myself out more than anything. Fortunately the cop that showed up was the nixed police officer I've met and did all he could. Nothing came of it and my bag and computers are gone for good. Welcome to Atlanta!