Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh, the seasons change

So, blogging when you have insightful things to say can be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I have not been sure what to write about next this week! I have started three posts now, all of
which are sitting in my draft box.

This week my life has been on the slow side, well, as slow as a college student's life gets. It has been interesting to see how my measurement of personal success has changed over my three years at UGA.

Freshman year was determined by social standards: how many events I attended and how many people I had met. Sophomore year was more dedicated to academics: applying to Grady and making good grades. Now, junior year has brought me to career building: leadership experience and networking.

Examples of how my yearly objectives have changed can be demonstrated in this past week alone—resulting in my lowest college test grade to date (74 percent in Horticulture 2000 of all things) and lack of socializing due to attending another PR conference (UT's PR Day 2010).

Obviously I am not proud of my Horticulture grade, but I'll be honest—overall I view my week as very successful! I completed and printed the fifth issue of the PRecedent, and have been in good contact with professionals I've recently met. I have updated my resume, worked on my online portfolio and even got news coverage for the Athens Farmers Market where I intern.

Though cliche, I understand that finding balance between school, social life and my PR life is the most important goal for a successful future (and for my personal health, too). So, maybe a little more study time and a night or two out would do me some good—take a breather from my PR bubble!

Now, if I can just decide which sessions to attend at tomorrow's conference...

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