Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stop to catch your breath—or go for a run, rather.

Rushing full speed back into life at UGA, I have been going non-stop trying to catch up with friends, schoolwork and all the extra stuff in my life. I think I have spent less time in my bed asleep than I have on my laptop working. Actually that is confirmed.

Today, however, I decided that I needed to clear my head and take a few minutes to just enjoy the day—catch my breath. So, what did I do? Go for a run, of course!

Still groggy from my Thanksgiving feast, I have not had the energy to get up and move (all the work has not exactly given me the opportunity, either). Forcing tennis shoes on my feet, I made it down to the IM trails right before dusk.

With the warm weather today and a light rain falling, running through the now bear trees and soggy leaves could not have felt better. Stopped short by lightning and heavy rain, also known as a tornado watch, I returned home refreshed and more energized than the little pink bunny!

I took still another few minutes to cook a delicious meal of Jambalaya—yum, yum!! By the time dishes were through, I was once again motivated to get back to work. With two tests, a paper and newsletter due this week, I was in definite need of a refocus. A few minutes of 'me' time did the trick.

I act like I've stumbled upon some new revelation, but the truth is, I just never seem to learn. Setting aside time each day to get my mind off of the list of daunting deadlines can put life back into perspective and give me the boost of energy needed to get through the daily tasks we college students pile on.

I encourage everyone to figure out what their brisk run and yummy meal is, and put that at the top of your to-do list!

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