Sunday, December 12, 2010

PRactically done...for today, that is.

First, a rant:
Finals are about the most over-rated concept I can think of. While I understand that for some this single test can count for the majority of their grade, there are plenty of students who use this week as an excuse to over think and over study for a test that is no different than any other (like that last one you study two hours for the morning of).
 Similar to how Hallmark has successfully suckered housewives into thinking they need an overpriced greeting card for every occasion imagined, Starbucks, too, has optimized on this classless, free-time called finals week to brainwash students into thinking they need to spend every waking hour—and most sleeping hours, too—drinking coffee in order to survive (whew, breathe, Carly!).

Ok, ok...moving on:
Regardless of my criticisms towards this week, I will say that it is difficult going straight from 16 hours worth of classes into a week of projects and exams—all of which seem to have snowballed into this moment. You are only just rejoicing from one thing being completed when you are pulled back into another approaching deadline.

Tomorrow I will be able to check off all classes, projects and exams from my 2010 to-do list. However I will have millisecond to catch my breath before going home and diving back into work at the agency I interned at this summer! While to most I may seem crazy to not give myself a good, solid vacation from everything PR, those in Grady with me would agree that I would not want it any other way!

I am eager to take everything I have learned this year in my classes and start applying it to real-life work! I have grown so much this semester, and can honestly say I am exactly where I want to be. So, while I am finishing up my checklist for today, I am already starting one for tomorrow; and how normal that is in my PR bubble!

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