Monday, February 21, 2011

Call to action—include incentives!

Above is the amazing video a group of us made for UGA's Bateman team: Live Financially. Making it was quick, easy and fun. The best part: we got extra credit for our PR Research class! And if our video gains the most views, we get even more credit (so watch it about 14 times, please)!!

Incentives can definitely drive people to go a little out of their way to participate—like me including the video in my blog post. In today's high-speed world driven by multi-media tactics, it is becoming nearly impossible to gain an audiences attention and get volunteers to partake in your campaign efforts. That is why focusing on your target audience and offering relative intensives is as important as call to action.

I have found this true in my efforts as Philanthropy Chair of Zeta Tau Alpha, as well. Because there are constantly activities and programs going on, not only within our sorority, but on campus, too, it is more than understandable when my cry for help gets lost. That is when incentives become valuable.

A great way to fundraise for our cause (breast cancer awareness and education) is by mailing out donation letters. While it only takes about 10 minutes to print out the letters, jot down a quick note and address the envelopes, that is 10 minutes people could devote to another cause demanding their attention. Therefore, I have enforced the incentive of lowering each girl's fundraising goal by $25 if they mail out 10 letters. My hope is that by mailing out these 10 letters, they will in turn raise well over the original goal.

When creating campaigns and asking an audience to participate, it is important to include benefits that create motivation for their involvement. We see this alot in social media when businesses offer deals or discounts to fans or followers of their Facebook or Twitter pages.

The opportunities are endless, but it is key to target your audience and offer an incentive they will find useful. Does anyone else have examples we can learn from and keep in mind for the future?

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