Monday, February 7, 2011


It is hard to believe that just 12 months ago I was attending my first PRSSA meeting and taking a huge leap of faith in my professional career by attending Real World PR—alone!

I had just been accepted into Grady College as a PR major, and I could barely tell you what public relations was. Considering myself a go-getter, however, I decided to dive right in to the unknown territory of PRSSA, and oh, how naive and clueless I was... here is a a video I took at the conference, still so unsure of what I was doing:

Well, that's embarrassing! Looking back on the people sitting around that random table I sat down at, I laugh at the fact they some of them were members of PRSSA who later encouraged me to run for a position myself; an opportunity that has stirred in me a passion and opened doors I had never dreamed would exist on that day of uncertainty at Real World. 

Saying all that, my challenge to the few people who end up reading this blog (and this excludes you, mom) is to be confident in yourself, trust your instincts and take a change on your future. If you don't, I can guarantee no one else will. 
It may mean taking on that second major, attending a professional conference, applying for that challenging internship, joining a committee or maybe just attending class! Regardless of your major, you have one life to make something of yourself, and it starts today. Will you go for it?


  1. I definitely believe in you, Carly! You are an inspiration to many and have a unique self-assurance that many college students lack. So glad you are sharing your insights with us!

  2. I can totally relate! I changed my major to PR as a leap of faith and it could not have worked out better! I cannot wait for Real World PR! And I think you have helped me to finally decide to run for the E-board position of my dreams! Haha

  3. Carly, everything happens for a reason and you are definitely meant to be right where you are!