Tuesday, May 17, 2011

And Day 2, despite the fact it is posted on the same day :-)

After our thrilling corporate orientation this morning (NOT), I was excited to get back in the office. I had prepared some material for Gorki on a PR plan he had me look over and had a meeting with Susan set up for the afternoon. We fixed a to-go plate on our way in and trekked on up to the office.

Scott gave us a quick update on his schedule for the day and offered Colleen and I each an opportunity to tag along. So, at 3:00 p.m. I ascended to the 20th—and highest—floor of our building. I was surprised, then unsurprised by the change in appearance. While the floor was by no means too prestigious, it definitely had a “big man upstairs” atmosphere.

The man who initially greeted us showed his disapproval of Scott’s tardiness, and we quickly entered a large conference room. I was introduced to the Chief of Marketing Operations (CMO) and the woman who represents LeBron James for Coca-Cola.

The CMO was going to be interviewed for a story on companies who represent big-name athletes—thus the LeBron James situation. As expected, the crew threw around potential speaking points, relationship highlights and a time-line of the partnership with LeBron.

I absolutely would love that job! Who doesn't want to manage the entertainment?!?!

Walking away from the interview, Scott took a few minutes to fill me in on what I had learned:
• Call the reporter just before walking into the interview to ensure they are available at the discussed time and number.
• Know the time frame of the interview and potential questions that will be asked
• Debrief the interviewee ahead of time to make sure they are prepared

And a few personal lessons unrelated (or related, as everything in this business seems to be):
• Make friends and build relationships at every level. People move all the time, and you never know who’s assistant may one day run the company
• Be necessary. Make your advice relevant and you presence needed. That way, when the above do move up the ladder, you are the one they cannot leave behind.

Moving on, I also was introduced to the Houston team in charge of MinuteMaid. We had a conference call about the new product. They are in the beginning stages of launching the brand, and trying to make it newsworthy.

Gorki was busy working on presentation material for Scott and did not have a chance to look over the revised plan I worked on. Totally fine, in fact I hate feeling like I am annoying by checking in all the time. This is why having a computer or phone would be quite convenient!

—break out in song—
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow… you’re only a day a-wayyyyy!

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