Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A day of FIRSTS and THIRDS

Let's start with the FIRSTS:

• It was the first time I could have out-run my car. Thanks to a wreck on I75 this morning I was definitely moving slower than a 10 minute mile.

• It was the first time I went into a Bed, Bath & Beyond and came out with Zyrtec and popcorn. 

• It was the first time a young businessman smiled as I walked by thinking I, too, was a young business woman! Oh HEYY!

I'm to to interject a THIRD here: It was the third day that I made a fool of myself as I tried to figure out which side to scan my badge and walk through the gate on. TOTALLY disproving the previous man's thought that I was a mature working woman. Cool.

• It was the first time an attractive man pulled up next to me, smiled, then proceeded to watch another attractive man cross the street, not even noticing there was a car next to him—let alone me!

Carly + hot Atlanta men = FAIL. 

Onto the THIRDS: 

•For a third day in a row, I have woken up 2 hours before needing to be at work 7 miles away. Quite unusual for me because it only takes me 45 minutes to shower, dress and eat. I guess 2 hours is the norm, however, when it take 50 minutes to drive 7 miles and you are still trying to impress people by being early.

• For a third day in a row, I have consumed more beverages—carbonated and otherwise—in a 24 hour period than I normally do in a full week. Along with that, I have also excused myself for more bathroom breaks than the average kindergartner excited about potty training.

• Third day in a row I have had to turn on my seat heaters on the way to work mid-MAY. Lame.

• For a third day in a row, I successfully found a new route the WRONG way home. Today, was a first though: I got on the interstate heading the wrong direction during 5pm traffic. So fun, really—sitting 20 minutes going south instead of north towards your home. Really desirable afternoon!

• And finally: for a third day in a row I have gotten to go work at the COOLEST company in the world! I guess that about evens the rest out.

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  1. Everything in life is first or're doing great! You're learning so much, and not just at your internship, but living in a big city, driving in rush hour traffic, observing others ;), and all that you're doing! It's all invaluable experiences! I'm so proud of you!